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…the band’s lead guitarist and lead singer, has been playing and teaching guitar for more than 40 years.

His amazing talent wows audiences who marvel at his lightning fast fingers and dead-on rendering of surf-instrumental and rockabilly greats. Phil has the licks that impress even seasoned guitar players. 

His bandmates’ mantra:  “The only thing more fun than watching Phil play guitar is watching other people watch Phil play guitar.” The look on their faces says it all – wow!

Another observer: “When he’s playing, that guitar looks like it’s a part of him…”

Phil’s showmanship, honed from years of touring and performing across the United States, ignites audiences and takes you back to the days when rock and roll was king.

Phil got his first guitar when he was just 12 years old…and it’s kept him young ever since.  People come to his shows to dance, but come back just to watch him do his thing. You will, too!

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…the band’s bassist and vocalist, got her first guitar as a  graduation present.  She learned to play primarily watching and playing with other musicians, taking a few lessons but “learning while doing.”

She traded her guitar for the bass when the only bassist at a party took off early. “Do you know how to play that thing?” everyone asked.  “Nope, but give me a minute and I’ll figure it out,” she said.  

Fifteen minutes later she was playing it and singing. And to this day, her dexterity is what gives our 3-piece performance its big presence.

“I couldn’t believe there were only three of you up there for the sound you’re getting,” is an often-heard compliment that we attribute in large part to Chrissy’s go-for it attack on the strings.

While she’s completely self-taught, other musicians say she’s “in the pocket,” with timing and simplicity that suits each genre;  she never “competes” for presence in the band. 

The result is a style that listeners say is “true to the recording” – the music the way you remember it.

Come see Chrissy bang out the bass lines to some of the boldest music ever made!  

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...the band's drummer and vocalist, has some monster-chops on the skins!

Whether sitting behind a traditional kit or standing behind the cocktail set - so rockabilly! - Carlyle drives every song with the artistic flair of some of the world's best percussionists.

Influenced by some of the greats - including John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Neil Peart of Rush and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac - Carlyle's technique clearly elevates him to that of a musical stylist. His energy is what revs our musical motor!

"I get tired just watchin' that guy play," is a common observation.

Think of "Floor It"  as a chassis, with Carlyle as the engine. He's roaring to go, baby!

Not bad for having been largely self-taught; he begged his 6th grade teacher to let him audition for the school band and got up to speed by playing along to popular tunes borrowed from the library.

When Carlyle isn't behind the kit, he's playing guitar as a left-hander on a righty flipped the other direction. We told ya this guy's talented! 

In fact, he's written, recorded and performed songs as a front man,  earned a WAMI award and distinguished himself among some of L.A.'s top emerging artists.